Technical courses

  1. Intermediate Technical career in Accounting
  2. Intermediate Technical career in Administration
  3. Intermediate Technical career in Programming
  4. Course in Computer repair and maintenance

In order to prepare our students for life, the Pan y Amor School has created the above technical career courses, starting in 7th grade and finishing in 12th grade, thus allowing time for theory and practical training while also studying for their high school diploma.

Both the high school diploma and the technical courses are approved by local government entities, such as the Ministry of Education (MINED) and The National Institute of Technology (INATEC). To be able to achieve this curriculum the students maintain a 9 hour day from Monday through Friday; and by 12th grade they leave with certifications for 2 technical careers, i.e. 1 and 2 or 3 and 4.

These courses were elected after a thorough study made including the opinions of local commercial owners, the web site and local newspaper for local job offers, and the impact studies made by the local Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUNIDES).


  • Prepare intermediate technicians with professional capacity to successfully integration into the business world, entering into different areas of the private enterprise, with competence, life skills, positive attitude and values.
  • Develop in the students the abilities necessary to be trained, by their future employers, in any field within the company and to be able to meet the constant challenges of their reality.
  • Offer the students a solid formation including the humanities, technical, theory and practice, necessary to continue latter with their higher education.
  • The students leave with excellent computer technology and good English language skills.
  • Offer them the tools necessary to be entrepreneurs and capable of their own self development.
  • Prepare citizens ready to contribute positively to the development of their country, offering their knowledge, values and positive attitude.
  • Prepare them for team work, how to manage human relationships, with ethical and moral values, autonomous and with initiative to be able to carry out the objectives of the organization for which they work.