Since 2000 offering to hundreds of children the right to enjoy their childhood, taking them out of the street and offering them an education in excellence.



Association Pan y Amor is an NGO established in Nicaragua and legally registered since 2004, registered in the United States under a 501 C 3, allowing the collection of funds. It started its mission as a dining room for 40 children in the year 2000 and today serves hundreds of students at the Pan y Amor School.


Educating to transform lives through an excellent education, Pan and Love Association through the School seeks to avoid child labor and break the cycle of poverty in which the families of our students have lived, coming from very poor and violent neighborhoods of Managua.ilias de nuestros estudiantes, procedentes de barrios muy pobres y violentos de Managua.


Form citizens with ethical, moral and professional values, capable of responding to the challenges of our current society and a globalized world.