Profile of the High school student

Pan y Amor is proposed that students graduated from Highscool Education:


  • Respect and practice the rules of social coexistence.
  • He has love, respect and security in himself from his acceptance and individual and social valuation.
  • Practice and promote positive values ​​and attitudes, as effective means in the handling of conflicts and prevention of problems that lead to a culture of peace.
  • Practice a culture of prevention in situations of risk, making relevant decisions to protect your life and that of other people.
  • Practice and promote the love of the country and respect for national, national, institutional, regional and international symbols, as well as the heroes and heroes.
  • Strengthens their cultural, ethnic and national identity, based on the assessment and promotion of different manifestations and socio-cultural creations.
  • Make relevant decisions that help you achieve your goals in different areas of your life.
  • Practice and promote shared habits of nutrition and healthy behaviors, which contribute to a better quality of life.
  • Evidence respect to the various ideological, religious and cultural manifestations that take place at local, regional, national and world level.
  • Expresses appropriate behavior in the management of sexual and reproductive health that prepares you for responsible parenthood.
  • Applies a culture of saving, rationality, prevention and protection when buying, and / or consuming different goods, products and services available in the market for personal, family and community goods.
  • You drive properly on public roads with road safety rules to prevent accidents, protect your life and that of others.
  • Practice and promote respect for authorities and people regardless of age, sex, level of education, health status, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic, ideological, cultural, geographical origin and special educational needs, associated or not with disability .
  • Evidence altruism and spirit of service in function of the common good in all kinds of environments and contexts in which it operates. Without any discrimination.
  • Strengthens the family and social unit, through the practice and promotion of values, responsibilities, roles, tasks and positive attitudes that lead to harmonious coexistence.
  • Participate in equal opportunities and conditions in physical, sports and recreational activities, which contribute to the development of basic motor skills, strengthening self-esteem, group relationships, the practice of values and good habits, to conserve and improve their physical and mental health .


  • Manifest ability for autonomous learning and updating that allows you to face new challenges and project in different areas: social, cultural, political, economic, religious and others.
  • Apply scientific and technological knowledge in the acquisition of new knowledge, leading to face and resolve situations in different areas of life.
  • Practice and promote the protection, care and preservation of the environment, to improve living conditions, in terms of sustainable development.
  • It values ​​the different stages of history, its cultural legacy and the use of the lessons learned by humanity to build the future.
  • It shows a critical attitude towards the population problems that affect the national and international community, recognizing its causes and consequences.
  • Practices and promotes risk management in order to promote measures of prevention, mitigation and attention to threats and disasters caused by natural and anthropic phenomena.
  • Evidence in their attitudes and actions the identity and pride of being Nicaraguan, valuing the cultural legacy such as: customs, traditions, music, dance, beliefs, cosmogonies, archeology, artistic and literary works, among others.
  • It shows skills, skills to create and express artistically their ideas, emotions and feelings.
  • It discriminates different sources of information and communication, assuming a critical and constructive attitude towards it.
  • It effectively uses the mother tongue and English to understand and interpret the areas of knowledge and their reality; as well as to acquire new knowledge, communicate and disseminate information.
  • He uses different technologies to improve the quality of his learning by posing and solving problems applied to different areas of daily life.
  • It employs relevant creative and innovative methods demonstrating an entrepreneurial attitude in the formulation and execution of productive, social and cultural projects, putting into practice decision-making, leadership, perseverance, coordination and management of resources to improve their quality of life.
  • Values ​​the importance of work as an essential means for personal, social, economic, and productive development, in the family, community and national.
  • He uses techniques and strategies in the planning of personal, family and micro business budgets, which allows him to coordinate, manage and use resources efficiently.
  • He makes sound decisions to choose his studies or trade attending to a pertinent non-exclusive vocational orientation that lead him to his insertion in the labor world.