Profile of the student of initial education

On leaveing preschool the Pan y Amor students should have achieved:


  • Develop an optimal self-esteem and self-assessment.
  • Good social habits of courtesy and hygiene.
  • Capable of recognizing and expressing their emotions, sentiments and thoughts. Show respect for their class mates and teachers.
  • Capable of communicating with Christ through prayer.
  • Recognize and value their social and family environment.
  • Define your sexual identity.


  • Has a basic knowledge of mathematical logical thinking.
  • Develop concrete thinking skills.
  • Has physical, temporal and spatial dominance.
  • Writes and reads sentences understanding the meaning.
  • Speaks in clear and coherent language.
  • Create stories, pictures, songs, and games.
  • Reason concrete situations of daily life.
  • Follows two or more orientations.
  • Make italic script legible.
  • Handles mouse, keyboard and level-specific programs.
  • Manages basic English language vocabulary.
  • Recognizes your body parts and functions.
  • Develops metacognition.

Motor skills:

  • Develops fine motor skills.
  • Develops gross motor skills (balance, body movement, ascending and descending).