Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child

Did you know? That approximately 127,000.00 children and adolescents between the ages of 5 to 17 years of age find themselves outside the educational system (UNICEF 2011).

With your donation of US$30 a month, through Manos del Sur – Nicaragua, you can help us educate a child. http://:www.manosdelsur.org/Nicaragua.html

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Scholarships for technical career training

A curious fact! In Nicaragua there are middle and advanced level technicians who earn better salaries than University graduates.
One of the options most agreed upon by the private sector and specialist in education, is that more technicians are needed in both middle and advanced levels, to promote the local economy (Eduquemos, 2014).

Help sponsor one of our students with their technical careers, with a onetime donation or with a US$30 monthly donation. To donate please see the Bank Accounts available in each country. In either case we would love to hear from you so that we may be sure to thank you personally and report how the student you have sponsored is progressing.

Textbooks and technological equipment

A onetime annual donation specifically to be used each year for new text books, equipment and maintenance of computer laboratorie.

Games and materials for preeschool

A onetime annual donation specifically to be used each year for new school equipment or for educational material and toys for preschool.

Specialist visits

It contributes with the visit of specialists to the school, visits of students to companies or with talks of external exhibitors.