What we do

  • All our students receive full scholarships.
  • Education begins at the age of three years with the pre-school modality from I to III level , including English and computing from the third level.
  • Primary education with emphasis on mathematics, comprehensive reading, problem solving, language and literature, computing, English; and evenings of music, theater, dance and art.
  • "alternative" classes are offered to students with learning difficulties .
  • Secondary modality , six years of basic education in excellence, including in the afternoons, technical careers in Accounting, Administration and Computer Technician from the seventh grade.
  • Students receive two nutritious meals during the day, including a glass of milk, fruit and afternoon snack.
  • Psychologicla care. We have a team of psychologists and social workers that ensure the physical and mental well-being of students . They make visits to homes of the students, developing meetings with parents (school for parents), stimulating the accompaniment in the education of their children.